Dictado y memoria musical

Improve your musical memory with this curious game


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Dictado & memoria musical (Musical memory and dictation) gives users a fun way of improving their auditory capacity through the recognition of different musical pitches.

The game is divided into two parts:
- A musical dictation in which you'll have to identify the notes that appear on the pentagram using a guitar neck or piano keys.
- In the second part you'll have a game that’s similar to Simon says, in which you'll have to follow a succession of musical notes without making a single mistake, or you'll have to start all over again.

In both games you'll get notifications if you make a mistake, plus they both include several setting options.

Dictado & memoria musical is designed for both passionate musicians, as well as for those who simply want to have fun while stimulating their memory.

The demo version only allows you to complete tests using 3 notes and a chromatic scale of 12 sounds.